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Golden Mill Fibers

The Shire Collection Set

The Shire Collection Set

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The Shire Collection features seven colors that each have their own personality and feeling from aspects of The Shire. These mini sets are sold as a collection of all seven colors on a sock weight mini skein



Green Dragon: The weather worn sign, faded from rainfall and sunshine, can be seen by passersby for quite a way before they arrive at the infamous pub. With a bell to welcome you in and where you’ll be sure of a good time, The Green Dragon comes to The Shire Collection as a pale green shade.

The Brandywine: A roaring river separating The Shire from the world of the Big Folk. Only the more daring would chance to take a boat out on in, The Brandywine comes to The Shire Collection as a saturated blue.

Rosie Cotton: A blush that is only just more noticeable than her usual flushed cheeks arises on her face when her handsome crush Sam is around, deepening when he asks her to dance. Rosie Cotton comes to The Shire Collection as the most delicate shade of pink.

Second Breakfast: It’s never too late for another meal! Sit down for Second Breakfast with friends or just enjoy a small morsel on your own. Either way, a little mid-morning snack is always a good idea. Second Breakfast comes to The Shire Collection as a confetti of color, primarily yellows and oranges with hints of tan and blue. 

This, My Friend, is a Pint: An IPA to be sure, maybe even grown from their own hops, Merry and Pippin delight in the size of the Pint and will rival the drinking of even the Dwarves! This, My Friend, is a Pint comes to The Shire Collection as a rich golden color.

Tea Time: Open the cabinets of any respectable Hobbit and they will have a variety of teas to choose from. Boil some water and join friends for a hot cup of tea. Consider it the highest of honors to be invited into Bag End, tea’s at four. Tea Time comes to The Shire Collection as a warm brown. 

Bag End: Boasting a bold front door Bag End is just as much a topic of conversation as its inhabitants. Once you’re inside, however, you’ll be greeted with a warm fire, a plethora of books and old maps, and an overall cozy Hobbit home. Bag End comes to The Shire Collection as a mix of blues, greens, and shades of warm tan.

Mini Sock Sets:

Sock Minis 20g (each)

75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon

Fingering, 4ply yarn

92yds/20g skein


Small-batch, naturally dyed, yarns created with slow practices in mind and without any short-cuts. Each and every skein is created from 100% natural dyes made from this Earth. 

Because all yarns are naturally dyed, it cannot be exactly repeated; all colors are one of a kind.
May be imitated but not duplicated.

All dye material is processed individually by hand.



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