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Golden Mill Fibers

Sweater no.2

Sweater no.2

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A wonderfully fluffy sweater featuring large sleeves with ribbed cuffs, and contrasting collar & cuffs in delicate orange. This sweater features a blend of Peruvian Highland, SW Merino, and Suri fibers all naturally hand dyed in Vermont by G.M.F. 

Specs in Inches: 
*please be aware this sweater features a drop shoulder so the sleeve/width measurements correspond to the actual seam rather than where your shoulder falls in the garment

Sleeve: 13

Length: 25

Width: 20

250g of G.M.F. used, 8 hours of crochet

Sleeve refers to the length from the shoulder seam to the wrist, length refers to the distance from the shoulder to the bottom of the garment, width refers to the measurement from armpit to armpit or the side to side panel.

This is a wool crochet piece, stretching or shrinking is possible, please handle with care, hand wash in cold and lay flat to dry! 


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