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Corriedale Wool Roving ~ Undyed

Corriedale Wool Roving ~ Undyed

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Introducing our exquisite Natural Undyed Corriedale Wool Roving, a 100g bundle sourced directly from CanField Farm in the picturesque landscapes of New Hampshire, USA. Meticulously crafted to showcase the inherent beauty of Corriedale wool, this roving is a celebration of quality, authenticity, and the natural bounty of American fiber.

CanField Farm, nestled in the heart of New Hampshire, is renowned for its commitment to sustainable and ethical farming practices. Our Corriedale wool is a testament to this dedication, representing the rich heritage and superior quality that comes from the careful stewardship of the land and the sheep.

Corriedale wool, known for its softness and versatility, takes center stage in this undyed roving. The natural hues of this wool reflect the untouched beauty of the American countryside, providing a palette that is both timeless and evocative of the farm-to-fiber journey.

Each 100g bundle is a treasure trove of fiber awaiting your creative touch. Spin it into sumptuous yarns, knit or crochet garments that exude warmth, or incorporate it into felting projects for a touch of rustic charm. The long staple length and fine texture of Corriedale wool make it a pleasure to work with, ensuring your crafting experience is as enjoyable as the finished product is remarkable.

Proudly support local and sustainable practices by choosing CanField Farm's Natural Undyed Corriedale Wool Roving. With meticulous care, the roving is packaged to preserve its natural essence, arriving at your doorstep as a canvas for your artistic endeavors.

Indulge in the authenticity and unparalleled quality of American-grown Corriedale wool from CanField Farm, and let your creativity flow with a fiber that tells a story of responsible farming and enduring natural beauty. Elevate your fiber artistry with the charm of Natural Undyed Corriedale Wool Roving – a connection to the heartland of the USA.

100g Undyed Corriedale Wool Roving



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